Video: Whitehouse erases 'Mission Accomplished' from Bush speech video

Mission De-Accomplished. The Bush Legacy.


Ron Paul on Rock n Roll Radio

"Ron Paul Rocks"

It just so happens that I ran into a fellah today who's a dj on my local college radio station. Well, I asked him if he'd heard of Ron Paul and he hadn't. To make a long story short, I bent his ear a bit and he agreed to mention Ron Paul on the radio tonight. He's a good guy and a freedom loving individual, which is why I approached him in the first place, so I was thinking I'd give a shout out to him on the blogosphere and encourage any other Ron Paul fans out there to call in and tell him what you think.

The Radio Station is WLFR FM at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
The Radio Show is The Beat The Devil Show.
The Radio Host is Bobby Nomore and he's going on at 8PM EST Tonight and you can call in to the show to voice your support for Ron Paul at (609) 652 4917.
You can listen to the streaming broadcast here.

Check it out and give them a call... Real Rock and Roll anymore is as rare as honest politicians like Ron Paul.


Picture: Ron Paul celebrates Go Skateboarding Day

Ron Paul celebrates "Go Skateboarding Day"

Vote for an end to income taxs. Vote for an end to the IRS. Vote for an end to the war. Vote to save the Constitution. Vote for Congressman Ron Paul.


SiCKO torrent download links

"Pizza the Hut"

Word on the grapevine is that Michael Moore is allowing the distrubution of free copies of his latest film 'sicko' via the internet. I've only heard of such an approach before from Alex Jones. Anyway, until I hear otherise, I thought I'd link to torrents of the file.

I'm no fan of Michael Moore's, in fact I consider him a Left Gatekeeper. However, as with all gatekeepers, there is some truth behind his agenda. This alone makes the film worth watching. I'll post a full review later, for now though I'll simply leave it up to the viewer.


The Pirate Bay



All the same version. Fairly high quality DVD Screener.

Don't forget to vote in the presidential straw poll on the left. We're trying to crush Facebook in voter turn out!

USB Missile Launcher

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Video: Salt Lake City UFO

Video footage of the (un)identified object seen over Salt Lake City.