Look who Chris Hansen caught this time

Yep, I stink at photoshop, mail me a better one and I'll post it.

Who says humans can't effect climate and temperature?

I'm tired of hearing this from idiots who can't be bothered to check anything out for themselves. Here's just a few events marked on a global temperature variation chart... there's plenty more, likely nearly every variation can be charted and connected to man made causes (such as wars) or natural causes (such as volcanoes), but what should be blazingly obvious to anyone is the undeniable fact that humans do indeed effect the environment, and rather profoundly at that.

Yes, it's a quick and dirty photoshop job... I hate using it. Perhaps sometime I'll make a better chart with more events, but this really should be enough to make the point.

Some noteworthy dips in temperature... the Tunguska event in 1908 which apparently threw a lot of dust into the atmosphere, causing a cooling period... this can also be seen on a smaller scale when Mount Saint Hellens errupted in 1980. These hardly compare to the obvious temperature drop after World War II, which most likely had a dual cause in the end of the massive amounts of frenetic activity during the war as well as atmospheric dust caused by the dropping of the atomic bombs.

As per thelicense, picture from Global Warming Art. Original found here.





Bush Resigns - the nightmare is over

The nation breaths a sigh of relief as the dictator steps down. Today, as an april fools day joke, President Bush resigned, but to his befuddlement it was actually binding. Flustered and upset, the former president swiftly made his way to Paraguay. In his wake, Bush leaves a crashing economy due to overspending, a gutted constitution and global hatred for Americans. The people wish him a fond farewell.

When it says duplicate story, DONT PROCEDE!

WTF? Whats with the clowns continuously submitting duplicates? Same fuckers, over and over again. Cripes! We hate you. DIE!

And btw.. everyone who says 'I know this will be dugg down' or 'I know this will be burried' - no shit, that's because you're a moron and asking to be dug down. End the stupidity now.

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Does anyone remember the hacker chat system Lutzifer?

I'm just curious. It's been a reallllllly long time since I've spoken to anyone from that old german chat in the good ole x.25 days. Surely someone's still around ... most everyone I knew got arrested or went legit and never looked back. So WTF, statute of limitations is up... anyone wanna rehash old times?